POSOCO Renewable Energy Certificate
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Registration And Issuance Fee
All RE Generators are requested to pay fees & charges related to Registartion/Issuance inclusive of GST @18.0% with immediate effect.
A. The details of fees and charges of REC payable to Central Agency are as under:
A.1 Registration Charges
Sr.No. Fee and Charges towards Registration Amount in Ammount in Rs. Amount including Tax @ 18.0% Ammount in Rs.
1. Application Processing Fees (One Time) 10,000 1,800
2 Registration Charges (One Time) 25,000 4,500
3 Annual Charges 10,000 1,800
A.2 REC Issuance Charges (GST @18.0% will be applicable on total amount)
Sr.No. Fee and Charges towards Issuance of REC Amount in Ammount in Rs.
1. Fees per Certificate 05
Please take note of the following points in respect of Fee & Charges under the REC Mechanism:
  • The payment of Fee for the REC(s) issuance shall be made only within seven days prior to filling the on-line Energy Injection Report (EIR).
  • It is also requested to update the Fee details on-line, in the format provided, while filling the on-line EIR. Please take care of uploading correct information i.e. UTR no., amount, date of transaction, TDS (if applicable) etc.
  • The fee for the issuance of REC(s) shall be paid for each month separately and shall not be clubbed with another month.
  • The set of documents for the Issuance of REC(s) for a particular month shall be submitted to the Central Agency within a week of filling on-line EIR.
  • Please provide the set of document(s) for the Annual Fee details and One Time Registration Charges details to Central Agency within a week from the date of payment. The details may also be updated on-line on REC web application.