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About Grid-India

Grid Controller of India Limited (Grid-India) is committed to ensure Integrated Operation of Regional and National Power Systems to facilitate transfer of electric power within and across the regions and trans-national exchange of power with Reliability, Security and Economy. Indian Electricity Act, 2003 has designated the Regional Load Despatch Centre(s) (RLDCs) as the Apex bodies to ensure integrated operation in the concerned region. RLDCs, located at New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Shillong, are responsible for carrying out real time operations for grid control and despatch of electricity within the region through secure and economic operation of the regional grid, in accordance with the Grid Standards and the Indian Electricity Grid Code (IEGC). National Load Despatch Centre (NLDC) has been designated as the Apex Body to ensure integrated operation of National Power System.

The functions of Grid-India have been evolving with the integration of power systems, increase in electrical energy demand, growth in the economy and changes in technology, regulations, market design, administration and management of the power system. Grid-India is knowledge based organization and is fulfilling various other functions assigned by the Govt. of India, from time to time. Grid-India is facilitating and enabling Power Sector Reforms by Ministry of Power, regular feedback is given to the Central Regulator, Authority and Central Transmission Utility on design and operational aspects pertaining to Power System Operation and Power Market Operation.

NLDC and RLDCs are equipped with state-of-the-art SCADA/EMS Systems. Technology has been leveraged to provide effective Power System Visualization and Situational Awareness for the System Operators enabling fast decision making and more efficient operations. Offline functions are automated with appropriate communication and IT systems, processes and databases in the backend. Grid-India is driven by a team of motivated, close knit executives and support staff.

Grid-India is member of various international groups/bodies such as the Very Large Power Grid Operators (VLPGO- now GO 15), TSO - Comparison and CIGRE with the objective of sharing of experiences, best practices and bench marking System Operation and Market Operation against the very best across the world.

Grid-India is committed to impartial system operation and non-discriminatory market operation aimed at delivering value to the stakeholders by creating robust institutional systems, nurturing human capabilities, leveraging technologies and deploying knowledge management.


To be a global institution of excellence for reliable & resilient power systems, fostering efficient electricity markets, promoting economy and sustainability.


  • Ensure Integrated Operation of the Indian Power System to facilitate transfer of electric power within and across the regions and trans-national exchange of power with Reliability, Economy and Sustainability.
  • Facilitate competitive and efficient wholesale electricity markets and administer settlement systems.
  • Promote innovation and adoption of latest technology with cyber security.
  • Nurturing human & intellectual capital.